Western Zombie by Andy Hunter


All month long the lovely folks at the website Criminal Element are giving back to their crime and mystery enthusiasts with something they’ve deemed Undead April! This is our 2nd contribution (you can see the 1st here).

Andy Hunter presents his Western Zombie mash-up with Raylan Givens from the show Justified and Rick Grimes from The Walking Dead chumming it up at a saloon right before they are rudely interrupted by some undead!

The best part is you can win a print of this bad boy just by going to the blog post on their site, and leaving a comment! A winner will be selected at random, but only registered users of Criminal Element will be considered.

So what are you waiting for? Go comment!!

Be on the look out for our 3rd and last undead mash-up from long time zombie lover  Adam Carlson!



Halloween Costumes 2011

The folks at Draw2D2 don’t stop being geeky once we leave our drawing desks, oh no! We bleed red, white, and acidic alien blood out in the real world as well. This being Halloween and all, we thought you might enjoy seeing some of our everyday outfits we wear for I don’t know, picking up dry cleaning and deep sea fishing, everyday stuff like that.  So feast your eyes on our geeky garments!

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R2-Redo # 2

Our artists have produced so much great artwork for the mash-ups that we needed another place to showcase it. So this post has artwork produced from any of our past mash-ups. We hope you enjoy!

DC / James Bond by guest artist Matthew Trudell. Matt just missed the deadline for this one, but I’m glad this excellent mash-up is able to be seen here.

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