R2-Redo # 2

Our artists have produced so much great artwork for the mash-ups that we needed another place to showcase it. So this post has artwork produced from any of our past mash-ups. We hope you enjoy!

DC / James Bond by guest artist Matthew Trudell. Matt just missed the deadline for this one, but I’m glad this excellent mash-up is able to be seen here.


The Goonies / Neverland by Plinio Pinto. Sloth and one sexy Chunk!


Tars Tarkas / Pixar by Jason Welborn. A sketch of an older Mr. Incredible with an incredible beard.


 Futurama / Ghostbusters by Andy Hunter. Andy did a whole logo for this mash-up, but it was too small in the finished piece to be truly appreciated, so here it is in all its glory.



2 thoughts on “R2-Redo # 2

  1. Matt: really nice illustration, I hope to see more from you! Plinio: Your Chunk is freaking me out, cool drawing. Andy: Does this mean the Futurama crew are busting Zoidberg and his entire species? Either way love the logo!

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