9 thoughts on “Open Mash-Up: The Avengers by Jason Welborn

  1. Hello Jason ! and thanks for that very nice drawing.
    Means a lot for me as a very old Joss Whedon and Buffy fan. Perfect ! :)

  2. Thanks everyone for the great comments! As a long time Buffy fan, I just had to get this idea on paper. Oh and Xander has his eye back because this is still the high school years or B.E.(before eyepatch). So of course if The Avengers came out in the late 90′s the Scooby gang would have gone!

  3. Well I haven’t kept up on the current comic series as much, but last I checked he does have an eye patch and he commands a bunch of Slayers, so I would say “yes”. If I were to expand on my current roster though it would be this: Giles: Nick Fury, Angel: Thor, Faith: Black Widow, Wesley: Hawkeye, and maybe Miss Calendar: Maria Hill. And it would make more sense if Oz: Hulk, and Willow: Scarlet Witch, but she wasn’t in the movie and Willow looks adorable in her big green sweater!

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