Kim Possible:Reluctant Valentine      Open Mash: Geeky Matchmaker

hobbit_ghibli_jwelborn      The Hobbit / Studio Ghibli

      Nickelodeon / Scifi Books

       Sitcoms / Horror Movies

       Game of Thrones / Retro Video Games    

      Alien / Board Games

      Open Mash: The Avengers

      TMNT / Movie Directors

      Mad Men / X-Men

      Hanna Barbera / Indiana Jones

      Back to the Future / Batman

      Street Fighter / Lost

      NeverEnding Story / Gladiator

      Hellboy / Wizard of Oz

      Star Trek / Wes Anderson

      Marvel / A Christmas Story

      Post Apocalyptic / Spider-Man

      Muppets / Tolkien

      Zelda / Star Wars

      Zombie / Steven Spielberg

      Zombie / Clue

      ThunderCats / Quentin Tarantino

      DC / James Bond

      The Goonies / Neverland

     Futurama / Ghostbusters

      Planet of the Apes / Terminator

      Captain America / The Rocketeer

Hulk Hogan, Brother!      Mario Bros. / Classic WWF Wrestlers

      Harry Potter / Dr. Who

      Star Wars / Batman

      Star Wars / Pirates of the Caribbean

      Pokemon / Dr. Seuss

       Tars Tarkas / Pixar

      The Avengers / The Office

      King Kong / Iron Giant

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