Evolution of a Mash-Up



I am a big fan of the intro to Catch me if you Can. I think its a great homage to the late Saul Bass and when you pair it with John Williams ethereal movie score it really sets the tone for the whole film.

What drew me in the most was the pacing of the chase, it never moves to fast and for the most part, zombies are the same way… of course nowadays zombies can sprint after you (see 28 days later). I however am oldschool, I like my zombies like I like my molasses, slow and steady.

For this piece to be successful I thought the characters absolutely had to have the same texture as they did in the intro. What makes it beautiful is that sketchy quality juxtaposed against the flat solid colors. To achieve this I used a combination of charcoal and black Conte pencil to give it the same look.

I admit, I wanted to include more of a variety of different zombies in this same style, but at some point you look at the clock and realize you have to get to bed because its 3am and you have to get up for work in 4 hours. The finished piece involved me scanning in my drawings and playing around with them in Photoshop until, I came up with a successful layout. Thanks for reading!

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