Evolution of a Mash-Up





The main concept for my piece was to represent both main characters without actually having them as part of the piece. As I’m developing ideas for this mash up, I was invited to participate in a 40′s and 50′s inspired Art Show at a gallery here in Orlando, and researching for that project, the idea of doing war pin ups just really took over. Unfortunately, I just wouldn’t have time to do it in color, the way I first had in mind. So my second choice was to do is as a black and white photograph, trying to emulate the idea of a head shot promo from burlesque dancers, including a autograph and a big red lipstick lip-impression.


Reference is a big part of all my work, so I use PS to come up with mock ups with different body parts and objects, making sure the light source looks good:






Next, using graphite on Pastel paper, I did both renderings on separated sheets and then scanned in grayscale. I wanted some texture, thats why the choice of pastel paper. I used white charcoal for the highlights and gesso for the little highlights on the dress.







After all scanned in and color corrected, I asked my wife to come up with two autographs that would sort of represent a girly hand-writing and a more angular one. Googled for lip impressions and old photos, then added some texture for good measure and voila! Hope you liked it.




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