Halloween Costumes 2011

The folks at Draw2D2 don’t stop being geeky once we leave our drawing desks, oh no! We bleed red, white, and acidic alien blood out in the real world as well. This being Halloween and all, we thought you might enjoy seeing some of our everyday outfits we wear for I don’t know, picking up dry cleaning and deep sea fishing, everyday stuff like that.  So feast your eyes on our geeky garments!

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‘Super T.I.M.E. Force’ Preview

Super T.I.M.E Force – First Peek from Capy! on Vimeo.

Had to share this neat looking preview to the upcoming adventure game Super T.I.M.E. Force, from Canada based indie game studio Capy Games.  The design and style of this looks so fun and enjoyable.  Head over to their site and check out their other projects. (Superbrothers: Sword & Sorcery is gorgeous, as well)


Fire up those chainsaws,  and board up the house, there are zombies a coming!

For the first time ever on Draw2D2 we want YOU to decide our next mash-up! Tell us which geeky things you would like to see mashed up with zombies!

Remember you can pick 3 and let us know in the comments why you picked your mash-up, or even throw out some ideas on what you might want to see in the illustration itself! I can’t promise we will incorporate those ideas but you never know.

Thanks everyone! Now get to the picking!

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The poll expires when the timer at the top of the pages runs out next Wednesday.

Won’t somebody please think of the children!

 One of the great things about being a dad is reading lots and lots of children’s books to my daughter. One of the worst things about being a dad is reading lots and lots of children’s books, over and over and over again. After you’ve read the same book about fifty times you start to notice certain things about the illustrations. This is probably so you don’t go mental. These are but a few of those observations.

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Comic Book Greats: Alex Ross

Black Terror #5, Alex Ross, Dynamite Entertainment.

When I first discovered ‘Marvels’ and ‘Kingdom Come’ in high school, I latched right on in a big way.  I remember the Warner Bros. store in the mall had an area in the back with Alex Ross lithos and drawings … I spent ALOT of time in there looking at that stuff.

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The Schwarzenegger Trilogy

The Schwarzenegger Trilogy from Brainbow on Vimeo.

LA animation studio Brainbow created this animated short, consisting of 1600 hand drawn frames using Highlighter markers.  I love how some of the frames are designed with no color at all, and how the backgrounds have just enough information to register.  Well done!

more about Brainbow – www.brainbowinc.com

more about Cine-Shorts – Standard Hotels Culture