Welcome to Captain’s Blog!

Hello Team!!
We are excited to welcome you to our new feature here at Draw2D2….Captain’s Blog!  What is Captain’s Blog you ask?  Allow us to illustrate (heh…get it?).  As you know, we LOVE doing geeky mash-ups.  You could say it’s our thing.  However, our geek runs deep!  Sometimes we just need to talk about geek things, or let people know about geek happenings.  We may even create some art that is geek, but perhaps not a mash-up.  That, ladies and gentlemen, is why we created Captain’s Blog.
Under the Geek Speak section you will find all manner of geek discussion.  Any little and exciting thing that enters our minds and needs to be shared with you.  There is also an Art section where we will post any other work we do, unrelated to that week’s particular mash-up.  We have a News section that will keep you posted on any cool openings, happenings and goings on.  And finally we have “What If,” a featured section where we take an idea and say “what if..?”  For example… what if Darth Vader and Mysterio switched helmets??  What if Lois Lane fell in love with Jimmy Olsen???  What if Spider-Man lived in Ancient Egypt!?!?! (check it out, you might just find that one!).
So check back often, as we will be posting new and awesome things on the reg.  Thanks for reading and enjoy Captain’s Blog!
illustration: by Adam Carlson

Zombie Scarecrow by Justin LaRocca Hansen

It’s really quite simple.  What did the Scarecrow from Oz want?  A brain.  He only wanted a brain.  And what do zombies want?  Brains.  It is my belief that Scarecrow was actually the first zombie.  And imagine what would have happened to Oz if, once the zombie virus really got hold, he had bitten his companions.  Would the Tin Man been quick with his axe and taken the head of Scarecrow before he could sink his hay teeth into Dorothy?  Would the Lion have swiped out Scarecrow’s hay brains?  I tend to think not.  No I believe the real land of Oz is populated with zombie Munchkins, zombie flying monkeys, zombie witches and of course with plenty of zombie lions, zombie tigers, and zombie bears…. oh my.