11ONE9 – Sci-Fi Pinups – Philosophy Gallery

Last Saturday, Nov. 19th, was the opening of the 11ONE9 show held at the Philosophy gallery in Paducah Kentucky.

Featuring a collection of works by 4 artists. John Romang, Thom Whalen, Shane Harris, and myself (Adam Carlson). It was an eclectic mix of Fine Art Ceramics, Abstract installation, and expressive oil painting.

Best Inkers: Past to Present

Inking is so often overlooked and underrated. But it is hard to say which is more important, the drawing or the final ink. They go hand in hand, even if the inking is done by a separate artist.
A solid drawing is always an important foundation to the composition.  The blueprint, if you will.  But for me, the big decisions are made with the ink.  The ink decides what is most important and builds depth to the drawing.  The ink is what actually finishes the composition that the drawing first laid out.  So, to back Banky up on that famous debate… inking is most definitely NOT tracing.  Good inking, that is.
Below the cut are a list of my favorite inkers from both past and present.  I hope you enjoy!

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Art Out Loud 7 at the Society of Illustrators

Irene Gallo has lined up an all-star roster for the 7th installment of Art Out Loud, a live painting demonstration held at the Society of Illustrators. This year’s roster includes: Julie Bell, Rick Berry, Donato Giancola, Greg Manchess, and Boris Vallejo.
For those of you unfamiliar with the event, this is not a lecture. These artists will not be sitting behind a desk talking about how they work. They will be showing you… all of themsimultaneously!
Art out loud 4 hour event will be held on Saturday, September 24th. Tickets are $50, or just $20 if you are a student!  Space is extremely limited, and the event always sells out, so I advise you to RSVP well in advance by calling the Society at 212-838-2560.
For more info on the event, check out the Facebook page HERE, or the Society’s official page HERE.
I will be attending so if anyone is in the New York Area and happens to snag themselves a ticket to watch Boris Vallejo paint a DRAGON! let me know and we can meet up! See ya there!